5 Top Tips To Help Manage Mondays


Want to boss Monday into shape? Stride into a new week with confidence and less anxiety? If the answer is a big fat yes then hopefully my top 5 tips will help you on your way.

  1. Sunday night prep
    Yes, it’s boring but preparing as much as you can on a Sunday will deffo help you feel less flappy and more in control.
    Have you got petrol in the car?
    Taking a packed lunch to work? (you should, healthy and save ££) then make ahead.
    Clothes - plan what you’re going to wear on Monday, make sure it’s all ironed and ready to shimmy in to.
    Laptop, phone and anything that needs charging: Make sure you’ve got all the leads, plugs etc and are ready to drain the National Grid.
    Check you’ve got milk/tea/coffee. No day will ever start well without some sort of caffeine hit (IMHO).

    If you have small people make sure their clothes, PE kit, shoes, bags, general resource centres are ready (not teaching you how to suck eggs - an expression I still have no clue about).

  2. Visualise
    Take 15 mins to visualise what a happy Monday morning will look like. That means visualising starting your day feeling and looking together. Visualise how that would look like and how calm that would make you feel. Even if you’re having a hard time believing that it could ever happen to you, suspend that belief for a while and immerse yourself in a daydream of having your shit together. Keep going back to this thought throughout Sunday. Only focus on the positive elements.

  3. Early night
    Decide what time you’re going to go to bed and stick to it! Turn your phone off (next point) half an hour before you turn in. You will NOT miss anything. Read a book before you go to sleep. If you’re anything like me you’ll manage about 3 paragraphs before you nod.

  4. Phone off
    This is super important and a habit I’ve learned from the 5 Second Rule book by Mel Robbins. Move your phone and charger into the hall/landing or basically anywhere away from your bed. Turn all notifications off but if you have kids/family then set the notifications to allow alerts from them only while your phone is on silent. Set the alarm. The aim is to make sure you’re not on your phone in bed, and/or checking/scrolling/being distracted when you need to focus on getting proper sleep. If you need to buy an old fashioned alarm clock. You need to get that phone away from your pillow. That space is for you or your lover.

  5. Monday - up and at ‘em. When the alarm goes GET UP. Do not press snooze. Ever. Attack the day with intention. You’re kidding yourself if you think that extra 10 mins will make you feel better. It won’t. You’ll feel crappy. You have planned to get up at that time, so get up.

An extra, aka point 6, try to avoid looking at your phone/social media until after you’ve had your breakfast and are really in a clear mindset to attack Monday with purpose and positivity. The longer you can avoid looking at it the less distracted you will be.

Monday is another opportunity to show the world how awesome you are. Go get ‘em.


Katie x