All Change

Every year around this date I go through the same process. I pack away my summer clothes, label the bag and put it away in the loft. Then I'll sort through everything else, decide what’s going to charity and then stand back admiring how tidy my closet and drawers are. It’s not that I’m messy but let’s hope that Marie Kondo doesn’t pop over anytime soon.

Autumn in all it’s showeyoffeyness

Autumn in all it’s showeyoffeyness

Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, especially the way it plays with the light. Beautiful but fleeting sunsets make up for the grey, rainy days and it always feels like the trees treat Autumn as their time to shine - one final hurrah before winter. And like Spring, it is also a season of change. It feels like changes are happening everywhere - kids go back to school, new rhythms of work-life/home life, politics (don’t worry, I’m not going down that road) and also change in personal development and growth. 

This year I’ve struggled to adapt to these changes. Instead of trusting in new structures and processes and remembering the reasons for the change, I have been behaving in the complete opposite manner. I’ve hung on to doubt, onto old habits, I have added layer upon layer of distractions and managed to tie my brain in knots over and over again.

The ‘straightening up’ process from this morning was a bit of a wake-up call. Hanging on to stuff that was useful a few months ago won’t help me in the future. Having a good clearout makes way for fresh ideas, clearer thoughts, less clutter. With that in mind here are some ideas to help you manage change (none of them involves clothes). 

  • Identify what it is that you want to change. Can it be broken down into quick fixes, medium fixes and long term targets? 

  • For quick fixes draw up a list, stick it somewhere you can see every day and strike them off as you go. Once they’re done, ditch the note.

  • Try not to change everything at once. You’ll set yourself up for disappointment. 

  • Separate your personal goals and your work goals. 

  • Be clear and honest about the reasons you want to change things - having a bad couple of days at work might not be the best reason for deciding you want to leave your job, but if you can identify the reasons for these bad days, you might have a clearer picture of the real issue.

  • Change is inevitable. So, if you want to live fully, you have to at least accept that change will happen. Then you can begin to work toward seeing change as a doorway to an opportunity that can be welcomed with excitement and gratitude.