Bonza books at bedtime


In my head, I am a voracious reader. The reality is that I’ve probably only managed to read (cover to cover) two books in a year. I have the very best intentions but after a full day of working/parenting/cleaning/juggling I collapse into bed and my eyes are half closed by the time I’m into the third paragraph. As the kids are getting older I’m managing to claw some time back at night. Amazingly, I’m now onto my fourth book this year (anything over 15-page pamphlet I’m calling a book btw). Incredible.

Anyway, two out of the four I suppose are classed as ‘self-help’. A term which I think is a bit of a misnomer (I’d like the ‘self-helper’ to come round with the Dyson and some ‘Mr Sheen Shifts, Shields and Shines’). However, the first reading recommendation is:

Mel Robbins - 5 Second Rule

5 sec.jpg

I’m a fan of Mel Robbins - she’s American so therefore naturally zippy, but she’s also a qualified lawyer, mother of two and likes to have a good eff and jeff. Her style is typically no-nonsense and the premise is this: If you have an impulse to act on a goal, you must physically move within 5 seconds or your brain will kill the idea.

Anything longer than 5 seconds and your brain will kick in and essentially talk you out of it.  

The book’s broken into sensibly sized chapters with great practical advice, some science for the sceptics and plenty of testimonials from people who by adopting the technique have seen incredible changes in their behaviour.

Personally, I think of it as acting on your gut instinct. Your head is designed to protect you from doing daft stuff but there are plenty of times when you’ll miss out on some amazing opportunities if you sit on your arse and overthink things to the nth degree.

The Art of Being Brilliant


This one had me laughing out loud. Properly. Even if you’re put off by the title you should read it for the humour. In essence, it’s about the fact that everyone should be happy (not in the clappy way, but in a fulfilled way) and we teach ourselves loads of ways not to be. It’s reprogramming your brain and doing it in a brilliant way. Obviously. This is just one short excerpt and I had to share with my husband. It’s about how one person sees (and explains) one perspective and how the other person sees it. Lots of lols.


Check them out when you can. I guarantee you’ll learn some stuff, feel happier and more confident. Honestly.

Katie xx