For Friends Sake (FFS)

Angel ‘H’ Nicholson and Estelle ‘Wet Bun’ Hicks-Bennett

Angel ‘H’ Nicholson and Estelle ‘Wet Bun’ Hicks-Bennett

I’m just back from a day and night away with two of my best friends.

We don’t live close to each other so when we are in the same physical space we pretty much cover all aspects of life, love, work and everything in between. 

My friends, the real ones (you know the ones who’ve seen you ugly cry), have helped shape my direction, my motivation and help me define my purpose. They are the ones I want to share my success, my bone-crushing disappointments, my self-doubt, my daft jokes, my biggest ideas and my wildest career dreams. They are my biggest cheerleaders, my loudest defenders, my bravest champions. They are also the ones who challenge me to think bigger, to be bolder, to take chances and to stretch out of comfort zones. They also keep the ego in check and hold you accountable for when you drop the ball. 

True friends will give you the confidence to know that you can, will and must do everything in your life to try and fulfil every dream you have and every goal you chase. They give you that confidence because they can see how brightly you shine every day. 

Close friendships are precious. They literally are the gifts that keep giving. Hold on to those friendships. Cherish them and be grateful for them every day (and remember they have ALL the drunk photos of you on their phones and will tag you in a heartbeat).

K x