How to kickstart your day


We all know that some days it seems easier to get out of bed than others. So, I’m going to share with you my top 7 tips to help give you a boot up the bum.

If you’re awake get-up and out of bed. Don’t press snooze, don’t start looking at your phone (hopefully it won’t be near your bed anyway). If you’re looking at the clock and moaning that it’s way too early, or that you’ll just have another 10 mins don’t. You’ve woken up - many people haven’t (statistically 151,600 people die each day).

  1. Hit the shower - and sing baby, sing! A blast of water from the heavens, aka a shower, will get your blood pumping  and wake you up properly. A perfect time to hit the high notes is when you’re scrubbing your bits in the shower. Personally, I’m a fan of a big show tune, but whatever floats your boat. Not only will this lift your mood but it’ll warm up your vocal cords so the first person you say ‘good morning too’ doesn’t think you’ve been smoking 15 woodbines.

  2. Pants - Always recommended, obvs, but sometimes you need to have a couple of pairs of ‘go-to’ pants. These could be ‘pulling’ pants, lucky pants or fancy pants. Whichever pants they are they’ll make you feel good instantly. They’ll be your best fitting, ass-snuggling cheek warmers and will make you feel like a boss.

  3. Food and drink - ‘Hangry’ is a word for a reason. A good brekkie will boost your mood and give you energy. Don’t skip it. I mean it.

  4. Look forward to handling the day ahead with a different mindset. Yes, I’m talking visualisation. You know when you spend so much time thinking about a bad day that surprise, surprise you totally have one? Well, it’s time to flip it. Spend 10 mins daydreaming about having a day where you’re upbeat, have energy and are going to totally Teflon other people’s bad juju. When you get to work you’ll feel like you’ve already well on your way to filling your tanks with positivity so when Steve from Accounts doesn’t bother to ask you how you are or how your weekend was - just ‘where’s those numbers? I need them for a meeting in twenty mins’, you can calmly answer his question, rising about his rudeness and not let it affect how you feel about him for the rest of the day.

  5. Take a min to think about the fact that YOU may the reason someone is pleased to go into work. YOU may the one person that lifts colleagues and friends up, makes them laugh, drives them and inspire them. Think about how lucky you are to be THAT person. Be more than your tiredness. Start to believe that you are amazing.

  6. There’s cock-all on TV.