Sharks, spreadsheets and desiccated coconut


We’ve all got stuff that wigs us out. Some things are bigger (read: serious) than others. Some are small but depending on how we feel on a particular day can escalate in our heads to massive proportions. How do we manage the fears or our feelings about them? Tackle one at a time or try and smash multiple fears all at once like a massive piñata?

Check out these  TED talks. They may help give you a new perspective on fear.

Is fear holding you back or are you making it work for you? Drop me a line or leave a comment below.

Here are my top 3 irrational fears

  1. Sharks - one day they will walk on dry land and will become our ultimate leaders

  2. Spreadsheets - pivot tables, active cells and freeze panes. I fear and admire people who understand these things in equal measure.

  3. Desiccated coconut - serves no other purpose than getting in-between your teeth. This is one of those fears that on the sliding scale of potential trauma is pretty far down the list.

Live fearlessly.