Jugglers, magicians and lion tamers.


Yayyyyy, end of half term holiday. Parents up and down the country will either be rejoicing that the week is at an end or lamenting that it’s all over and the next break is the BIG one - the 6 week summer holiday.

Whichever camp you sit in I wanted to congratulate you. Parenting is not an easy gig. I’ve always wondered about the term ‘rewarding’ though. I’d say it was more like completing a Tough Mudder. Every day.

With two small children, the good days are amazing. It’s like you’re channelling Mary Poppins and Beyonce. You feel on top of the world. It’s all good.

The days when things feel out of whack, coupled with mind-altering tiredness, feel less great. That’s when you feel your confidence crashing around you. Your brain spirals into a mashup of negative thoughts and it feels like nothing will ever go right again. You don’t recognise who you’ve become.

Let me set you straight, right here and now.

  • You are phenomenal.

  • You are doing way better than you think you are.

  • You do not need to clean.

  • There is no rational reason why your child liked jam yesterday and today they hated it so much they threw it at the wall. Don’t overthink it.

  • Sometimes kids are shits. Even yours.

  • If your kid goes to bed at 7:30pm and you’re knackered, GO TO BED AT THE SAME TIME. You are not missing anything.

  • Tomorrow will be better.

  • Embrace the silly. Walls can be repainted. Spaghetti can be removed from the ceiling. Face paint isn’t permanent (don’t watch that episode of Phoenix Nights).

  • Don’t read parenting blogs. Know a perfect parent? Exactly.

  • It’s ok to lean on your friends and family. They all want to help but don’t want to be pushy. Learn to ask for help.

  • Properly enjoy the cuddles.

Your life will never be the same again. That’s the point. You are growing just as much as they are. Although your need for new shoes may or may not be the same.

To me, confident parenting is just about you being you. With extra coffee. Soooooo much coffee.