Memoirs of a mini-meltdown

Last weekend I had a mini-meltdown. It wasn’t explosive, it wasn’t tear-inducing, it wasn’t life or death. It did involve a lot of staring into space, a lot of snapping at the those I love and a loss of time and energy which could have been used in far more productive and, let’s face it, happier ways.

Here’s what I learned:

  • Don’t say you’re alright when it’s obvious that you’re not. Do choose the right time to talk it through with someone you love and trust. Don’t try and have a deep and meaningful with this person if you’re trying to juggle chicken nuggets, spaghetti hoops, put a wash on, unblock the hoover and find a favourite toy.

  • Fact vs Fiction - beware of the truths your head may mislead you into believing. I managed to convince myself that I was too old, unqualified, too…..on it goes.
    The fastest and clearest way to clarify your thoughts is to look at your actual track record, turn the limiting beliefs (too old can be flipped to lots of experience etc) on their head by constructively challenging them. Doing this with someone you trust is very helpful if you’re struggling to identify the positives.

  • Stop faffing and start doing. I’m a natural ‘doer’, the minute I start over-analysing stuff my head goes into overdrive and I can’t switch if off. Overthinking stops me activating ideas, kills my creativity and puts me in a state of paralysis. Just do.