See it. Say it. Sorted.....Sort of.

The other day I was waiting to get on a train to London when the crackly monosyllabic overtones of a bored recorded message were replayed: If you see something suspicious contact a station representative: See it. Say it. Sorted. It’s part of the on-going campaign to encourage train passengers to report any unusual items or activity.

After juggling my massive bag, a red hot coffee and trying to figure out which pocket I’d left my phone in, I started to think about the tag line: See it. Say it. Sorted. Rather than applying this to eyeing everyone/thing up suspiciously maybe, it could have a positive spin.

Every day we’re faced with challenges - some super small, some are whoppers. If we’re feeling more confident we tend to make decisions quickly, sometimes not even recognising that we’ve made a decision, we just act. Other times, when we’re feeling wobbly we will overthink everything. And I mean everything. Before you know it hours have passed, the head has been firmly placed in the sand and what was a small problem (because, unless you’re fighting ill health most things are) has turned into an insurmountable issue.

See it - Visualise what it is and what a positive outcome would look like. Visualisation doesn’t always come naturally to everyone but practise. It’s worth the investment of time. Visualising a positive outcome will focus on a positive course of action.

Say it - Doesn’t have to be out loud. You don’t have to be queuing up in the supermarket check out and shout ‘I will apply for that job tonight or I am going to Body Combat and I’ll have fun’. Those kinds of outrcy’s will make people abandon their trolleys.
But saying it, the commitment of action will be the next stage of the process. You’ve already visualised it, now say how it’s going to roll.

Sorted - Take a bit of time to recognise that you’re trying, adapting and taking action to overcome your own fears and doubts. Practise simple techniques which aren’t going to add to the overwhelm and then keep going.

See it. Say it. Sorted. You’re doing great. Keep going. x