What is confidence anyway?

A lot of people say, ‘well, it’s ok for you because you’re already confident’ like this statement opens all the doors and has all the answers.

Then there are people who say ‘that’s not really my bag, I wouldn’t be confident doing that’ and use that as a statement in order to avoid moving forward or making difficult decisions.

Begs the question:

Does confidence have a type?


Over my career, I’ve met so many different types of people. In sales (especially back in the days when telesales was a thing, just after the dinosaurs became extinct) there were many people who I would have categorised as confident. They were loud, bit confrontational, very opinionated and very in-your-face. One time I was eye-balls to ball-sack as a particularly ‘confident’ sales manager who decided he wanted to share his skill set with me. Let’s just say it wasn’t my bag, baby.

Further down the line I then met more senior managers and directors. These types were more introverted but confident in a quieter way, a more considered way. They didn’t need the shouty elements as their senior positions told the world that they were successful (and, therefore confident). Often the case was that they weren’t confident speakers and would delegate such public facing tasks to more obviously confident people. This sometimes made them appear to be aloof or unable to engage with the people who they worked with. It didn’t help them gain the trust of their teams and sometimes their peers.

So, if you’re not supposed to be Ant and Dec (they didn’t go eye-ball to ball-bag with me) and it doesn’t help if you’re the straight-laced one from The Apprentice (on the right, don’t know his name), then what the hell should you be like? What does a confident person look like?


They look like you. They look like you and me and everyone you know.

It’s just that confidence isn’t suited to one ‘type’ of person.

Confidence is a skill and like anyone who’s tried to master any type of skill, it takes practice. Lots of it and a real willingness to try.

We’re going to meet all different types of people at Kudosity. They’ll identify what they think confidence is to them, what it isn’t and what they do to help increase theirs.

We’ll ask you to identify what confidence looks like to you, what you do to get more, what are the confidence crushers and I’ll be pointing you into different resource channels so that you can find the right tactic for you.

But remember. You are confident. You have confidence in you. Maybe you need it rebooting, maybe you need it redirecting, maybe you need it refreshing. Whatever you need I’d be interested to hear what you feel confidence means to you. Email me at katie@kudosity.co.uk